An artist who has been building his momentum from release to release this year is Boslen, the electrifying Canadian has an impressive run of singles that have leveled him up to being one of the most exciting acts coming from the North. With recent events kicking his career into 5th gear, “LIGHTSPEED” is the perfect single to encapsulate exactly where Boslen sees his trajectory going moving into the next decade. This song hits hard, there’s no denying. Energy begins coursing through your body once this record gets going, surely to be a better motivator than any pre-workout on the market. Boslen comes from a background of playing sports at a national level, it’s no surprise his music would pair well with anything that gets the heart pumping.

NXSTY provides the production on this, he brings out the best of Boslen’s ferocious delivery. The pair have been putting some serious work in the studio as of late and the results are clear with a song like this. As I mentioned, Boslen has had an incredible year setting up his career for what’s to come.

Listen to “LIGHTSPEED” on all platforms here!