One of the most exciting artists in Canada right now is Boslen, who has been focused on his craft for some time and the dedication is all starting to show its dividends. With the release of his outstanding EP BLACK LOTUS last year, it seems evident that Boslen is on a clear cut path for international stardom. One of the most electric songs on the project was “LIGHTSPEED” and now we have some insane visuals that take the track to a whole other level. The scene is set with Boslen in the same interplanetary jumpsuit he wore throughout the rollout campaign of his last release, moving quickly into a high school setting that quickly dissolves into madness as the song’s infectious tempo begins ramping up.

What has always stood out to me about the rising Canadian rapper is how much pure energy he brings to each of his songs. While it’s not something he leans on in every song, he is able to go from 0 to 60 in no time flat and that becomes clear when you see Boslen do his thing on the stage. With captivating visuals and an impressive start to this crazy year, it seems Boslen is only continuing to evolve as he looks to be one of the biggest artists to come out of not only Vancouver or Canada but the entire planet in the coming months. Be sure to be on the lookout for new music, I’ve heard what he has in the chamber is about to be the spark needed to make everybody and their mom familiar with the name Boslen.

Watch the video for “LIGHTSPEED” below and stream BLACK LOTUS on all platforms here!

Directed by Kit Weyman