Lights Turn Low – [Planet Girl]

The word “earworm” is certainly overused (guilty as charged), but in all honesty, I can’t find another adjective to describe the mesmeric abilities of “Lights Turn Low” by Planet Girl. Sure, the song is a ukelele-driven product of bedroom pop, but there’s something more to the picture here. Maybe it’s the silky smooth background vocals done by Planet Girl, herself, or maybe it’s the unrivaled use of melody here, but “Lights Turn Low” is unforgettable.

And yes, I totally understand that my obsession with random SoundCloud cuts isn’t always rational. But this one? I don’t know. Planet Girl is onto something, and by all means, I can’t get this song out of my head. There’s purity in the lyrics’ profound sense of affection, and Planet Girl’s voice is equally compelling as it is lovable. She’s a fantastic singer, and one with great conviction, perfectly fit to tell an unforgettable story in just over 2 and a half minutes.

“Lights Turn Low” is the product of all of this and more, so listen below!