Lights Off – [Tay Keith] ft. [Gunna] & [Lil Durk]

Few producers have gotten to the superstar status that Tay Keith has ascended to, but don’t think that it was an easy road for the Memphis beatsmith. He worked for years on his sound, making his way up the ladder of the music industry to the point that he’s at right now, and when looking at his accolades, there is nothing you can do but applaud his achievements.

After working with everyone from Lil Baby to Miley Cyrus and collecting more than 25 RIAA-certified plaques for songs ranging from Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode” to Polo G’s “Go Stupid”, Tay Keith is nothing short of a bona fide superstar, and that means that every single song he touches is an absolutely essential listen without a doubt.

In order to celebrate his new solo career in a big way, Keith recruited Gunna and Lil Durk for his latest hit “Lights Off”, and if what they say is true about history repeating itself, this song is going to top charts, receive plaques, and be played all the time everywhere in the world. In the instrumental, he includes a very serene, smooth melody that collides with crashing percussion and punchy drums, giving the two emcees a simple enough foundation to shine while also keeping it awesome enough to not let them steal all of his thunder whatsoever.

Gunna is as smooth as he always is in this one, keeping his carefree, confident demeanor going strong even with a somewhat quick tempo, taking command of things himself rather than being forced in a direction he isn’t meant to go in. When Durk comes in later, he boasts a very lively, animated delivery that seems to rotate back and forth with a few slightly more composed lines that leave a major impression on this single. Tay Keith is never going to fall off as long as music is still being made, and neither are these two gifted spitters, which means “Lights Off” should be an instant listen for fans of any and all of these talented musicians.