Lightning – [Rico Nasty]

One of the most off the wall characters in all of Rap music nowadays has got to be Rico Nasty. Her bubbly persona has a hint of aggression and a whole lot of not caring what others think about her, which ends up creating an equation that makes an unbelievably talented artist. She took the world by storm over the last couple of years partially because she’s just so loud and outgoing that it’s impossible to ignore her, but mainly because she just makes music that is truly a spectacle. Her visuals are always enticing, her flows are innovative, and her wordplay is straight-up impressive. I’d be lying if I said I truly gave her a chance before seeing her appearance on Kenny Beats’ YouTube show “The Cave”, but I’m glad I did keep an open mind because she is honestly changing the climate of Rap music for the better.

Rico is back and more vibrant than ever in her new single called “Lightning”. The always incredible Nick Mira paved the way for Rico to do her thing with effervescent synths, drowned out yet positive piano keys, and almost elementary percussion. Don’t get confused by that description, however, because it truly is enticing and intricate, but it just gives off a brighter vibe than typical trap percussion. She switches her flows a few times, swinging on the beat one moment and then singing with slight vocal filters during others. She talks about how she was a weird kid growing up, but she clearly doesn’t care because now she drives a Tesla which is just one example of her way of portraying her success and wealth. Her wordplay tells a real story about her life but uses comparisons and metaphors to get the point across rather than just blatantly bragging about her success.

The accompanying visual begins in the city as neon lights scale up the sides of towering buildings, and money can be seen falling down the center of a parking garage. Throughout the entire video, colors are radiating left and right, sometimes highlighting certain objects like the money she’s handling and even her eyes during certain shots. Rico can be found hanging out the side of her white Tesla that she talks about in the song while dancing and throwing money around like it’s nothing. Certain scenes share oversaturated lights to scale up the brightness she really does bring to any track she’s on. Beyond this, she’s pretty much the only person in the video other than her driver who doesn’t play a factor at all. I think this plays up an underlying theme of how she believes people don’t like her, but she doesn’t care at all because she’ll have fun on her own, even if no one’s there with her.

Going into this track based on its name, I was expecting a darker offering because that’s what I imagine the vibe to be when thinking about lightning, but this was anything but gloomy. Rico proves time and time again that her vivaciousness can light up any scene, turning what might’ve been a boring video with a Tesla into a spectacle. Her personality is unmatched, her flows are better and more inventive than a lot of other artists in the industry, and she never really fails to impress. Whether you’re a fan of Rico Nasty or not, check out her latest offering called “Lightning” and you just might be surprised at the result.

Words by Danny Adams