Life On Our Terms – [Boobie Lootaveli]

I could never get tired of writing about the various artists coming out of the Florida rap scene, but what so many outsiders don’t realize is just how diverse the soundscape is in the southeastern region of this country. Looking at certain emcees that have blown up, I think there is a specific style that the mainstream has come to expect from this part of the country, but one person who has been changing things up and reversing the climate of the Florida music scene is undeniably Boobie Lootaveli.

I had first found out about the Miami spitter thanks to his work with Pouya, and after hearing a constant stream of singles from this duo, I knew Boobie had a skill set that I couldn’t ignore in his solo career as well. Well, probably a year or more has passed since I tapped in with his individual tracks, and I am never left asking for more whatsoever after tuning into any one of his records. Oftentimes, he utilizes a unique and eye-catching instrumental that he just glides over while other moments he slows things down and gets much more honest and candid with his fans, and while I can’t decide which version of him I personally prefer, I just know that no matter what he releases, it’s going to be something special.

Along with this, his latest album Life On Our Terms is the perfect example of this, because it contains 13 songs that run just over 24 minutes long, and there are so many sides to Boobie that it is almost hard to grasp the fact that the same person is able to showcase so many different styles and sides of himself through his artistry. I have to say that his more energetic, upbeat anthems will always get your heart rate going and make you want to move, but his more genuine records tug at your heartstrings and make you gain a much firmer understanding of who he is as a person, not just a rapper, and that goes such a long way for me personally as a fan and as a supporter.

I just think someone who can rotate between these two very different types of music in one album as seamlessly as Boobie does has to make true music fans revel at his talents, and it amazes me that he is still as slept on as he is. One day the world will wake up and realize what they were missing out on for so many years, and I’m hoping that Life On Our Terms is the start of that as it should be, but either way, I know what kind of a gem Miami has in its vault and I’m not going to ignore Boobie Lootaveli whatsoever as long as he keeps making the remarkable music that he has shown he is capable of time and time again.