In my personal opinion, very few, and I mean VERY few artists from Chicago even come close to touching my appreciation for LUCKI. I know he has a very specific sound and a style that the mainstream music industry might not ever be ready for, but he has been grinding for years and it feels like he’s quite possibly the one person in the entire world that has managed to keep the majority of his day one fans as engaged and supportive as they were in the beginning. I have been a fan for close to a decade, going back to his days as Lucki Eck$, and even though he hasn’t completely changed his sound even a bit, it feels as if he knew it was something fans appreciated, trusted the process, and he didn’t try and reinvent the wheel, he just stuck with it.

What’s even crazier for me personally is the fact that even with the countless projects he has put out over the past ten years or so, he continues to get better to the point where he is becoming this giant in the underground that basically transcends the mainstream to the point where he surpassed it and is in a league of his own. It’s obviously hard to claim that a single project is preferred over the rest, but when he dropped FLAWLESS LIKE ME, I knew that he was on a new level, and the fact that he debuted at #12 on the Billboard 200 proves that without a doubt in anyone’s mind.

I have been running this album back more times than I can count, so it is only tight that I brought a little light to his latest Lestyn Park-directed music video for “LIFE MOCKS ART”. It feels like LUCKI takes us to three of the places he frequents, the first of which is a studio where he brings his art to life, which makes sense based on the song’s narrative. Then, he shows off his entire group of homies as they kick it in an apartment, packing it to the brim and filling in the cracks with the smoke that fills the air.

Finally, there are a few scenes where he hits the club to enjoy some bottle service, but not for too long because he knows there’s always work to do. I typically enjoy the lo-fi aesthetics that LUCKI’s videos are riddled with, but I do thoroughly love the fact that this visual seems to embody the title and message within the song because he really lives what he raps about, and I don’t know if it could be shown any more accurately than it is in this mini documentary.