Life is Like a Dice Game [Nas] x [Cordae] x [Freddie Gibbs] x [Hit-Boy]

After 25+ years hip-hop legend Nas has officially released his archived song “Life is Like a Dice Game.” Despite the timely wait, unsurprisingly the track is as grand as they come, with Nasir’s signature rap-royalty and elite penmanship once more making the craft seem effortless. Moreover, the guest features of fellow stars Freddie Gibbs and Cordae elevates the re-constructed original recording to a new stature via a wholesome bridge of generational rap excellence. As if the caliber of the record wasn’t royal enough, the production of esteemed producer Hit-Boy brings out the very best of all three emcee’s flow and sleek lyricism. Rare records such as these are true blessings to begin with, so admittedly there aren’t many words to properly detail its immense status. However, it is without question that the longevity of Nas is as phenomenal as it is joyous. Naturally, it is an added bonus to hear Gibbs and Cordae; two artists with shared greatness to share the mic with one of the best to ever do it. Listen to “Life is Like a Dice Game” below!