Life is Fragile – [T-Wade]

In my days as a music lover, I’ve heard a lot of albums that have passed in and out of my head like elementary school lessons. As a writer for Lyrical, I take pride in bringing projects onto these pages that won’t mindlessly pass through your conscience. My goal is to constantly immerse our readers into new experiences of music from different artists everywhere.

A lot of factors go into my thought process when I’m weighing what’s considered a good project. Some look at production, some look at originality and some look at lyrics. In a world that’s constantly changing, I look at one thing and one thing only when trying to decide the quality of an artists work; That one thing is truth. A lot of music these days has amazing aspects to it, but I think the best thing an artist can do to truly make their work speak is to speak truth into their work.

One artist who does this time and time again is Arizona rapper, T-Wade. The rising MC just recently dropped a brand new album that has taken me a good amount of time to process; for good reasons though. This new project entitled “Life is Fragile” is a heavy hitter. Throughout the songs, you will realize that he doesn’t hold back when talking about that “truth”. In this album that revolves around the realization that life is fragile, T-Wade recounts some very vulnerable experiences and memories that most people would shy away from talking about; but that’s that truth I’m talking about. What I love most about T-Wade is that he uses this platform to proclaim his faith…not in a way that tries to convert others or make others believe in the same thing he does, but in order to let his listeners know what Jesus has done for him in this fragile thing we call life.

This project is something special. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give it a listen and let us know what you think.