LIFE IN HELL – [Lancey Foux]

I have always been a major promoter of the fact that diversity will get you far in life. Musically, it is of the utmost importance but even in life itself, if you do the same thing day in and day out, you’re destined to get burnt out and begin to fall off. This is accelerated in the music business, though, because sometimes if someone even goes a couple of months in a row without mixing it up and trying something different, their fans might grow tired and resort to listening to other artists that embody this thought process even better. Lancey Foux is someone who does this better than anyone else, in my opinion, because if you’re unfamiliar with him, you might think he is only capable of a singular sound.

When you listen further and continue to check out his experimentation on various songs, you see that not only does he never grow complacent, but he also somehow manages to create these innovative styles in such a professional and unignorable manner. As much as his entire discography is full of these distinct tracks, I think that nothing he has released so far can compare to the variety that he offers on his brand-new album LIFE IN HELL. He gave us a taste of what to expect with the various singles he dropped leading up to the effort, but now that all 65 minutes worth of music is out in its entirety, there is no way you can deny his dexterity. I say this because there are various songs where he actually full-on sings melodically beautiful lines that I couldn’t even imagine other musicians pulling off before going into a ruthless, hard-nosed, and unapologetic rage on the very next track.

Still, he is able to do this somehow without making the effort as a whole sound completely all over the place, maintaining the cohesive integrity of the body of work every step of the way. I’m glad that he went with the features that he included on this one as well because when you see names like KAYTRANADA, 070 Shake, and Jah$tar, you know that there is no way they’re going to join him for a singular sound. While they only accompany Lancey on 4 of the whopping 22 records on LIFE IN HELL, each contribution made is impactful and expands the overarching themes that are delved into throughout.

I know I’ve said this about other artists before, but this album is one that you seriously just need to experience with your own two ears to truly appreciate because my words aren’t going to even come close to doing this work of art the justice it deserves. So, whether you’ve been a Lancey Foux fan since day one or you’re just not catching onto the buzz, LIFE IN HELL is an album that the music world has been craving for quite some time, and I’m tremendously pleased that Lancey was able to deliver such a complex and versatile project.