Lies / Quicksand – [Xavier Clark]

It’s beyond clear at this point that I am a big fan of the massive music cities throughout this country. Whether we’re talking about my home city of Chicago or other places like Los Angeles, New. York City, Atlanta, or Florida, there is a never-ending overflow of incredible music from legendary artists, and there is never any shortage of excitement in these areas. This makes lesser-recognized regions even more intriguing to me, though, because when I find out about a place that is oozing talent that the rest of the industry seems to overlook, I just feel like there are hidden gems that I can’t wait to tell people about.

Indiana is one of these places because even though it’s my neighboring state, I feel like there are very few emcees who receive the recognition that they so rightfully earned. Obviously, there are talents like Freddie Gibbs, midwxst, Lil Aaron, and Drayco McCoy who all run the gamut of musical styles, popularity, and various fanbases. While these are some artists that I think have put the midwestern state on the map, you’re really only scratching the surface of one of the most fruitful areas in the entire world in terms of musical genius.

Drayco is someone I have become pretty cool with throughout the years online, and he is definitely someone whose musical taste I trust more than anyone, so when he sent me some music from an Indianapolis-based homie and fellow artist known as Xavier Clark, I knew he was someone I had to get in tune with. “Lies” was the name of the track he sent through, and when I finally got around to listening, I realized that he also released a track with Surf called “Quicksand”, so I figured I needed to include both of these records in order to give new fans a couple of different tracks to vibe with while getting acquainted with the talented and exhilarating up-and-comer.

“Lies” was produced by Mathaius Young who creates a soothing, easygoing foundation with uncharacteristically flawless percussion and some of the punchiest drums that I have ever heard. Xavier is on point from all different angles, showcasing a tuneful delivery where he seems to hit every single not without breaking a sweat while also rotating through a myriad of different cadences that fascinated me from the moment he spoke his first lyric.

In “Quicksand”, NoFuk and Vintage use a chill, peaceful guitar melody that allows Xavier to showcase even more of his impressive vocal range as he includes some ad-libs that are simply angelic and invigorating. Surf is one of the best melodious artists in the underground, and he proves this once again as his words come through so powerfully and confidently, providing a compelling part to an utterly unignorably wonderful record.

I am beyond excited that Xavier Clark is on my radar because even after listening to a handful of records, I know he’s going to be a name that’ll be popping up more and more in a matter of no time, so make sure you head straight to your favorite DSP to check out his two latest songs that will instantly convert you into a lifelong supporter, as I now am.