Lexxicon’s “Drill Sergeant” points him in a new and exciting direction.

Lexxicon is back with his latest LP, Drill Sergeant. He’s been on a year-long break, and during his travels abroad, he found the inspiration to create this new masterpiece. As an independent artist, it’s not easy to keep the positive energy flowing, but Lexxicon never gave up. He drew inspiration from artists like Russ Millions, Pop Smoke, and Ivorian Doll, who all influenced him to create something special.

This new album is quite different from his previous work, but it’s a step in a way that feels true to him. And let me tell you firsthand, it was a move in the right direction. You can still hear his dancehall roots, but the new drill elements really make it stand out. The opening track, “Power In My Bloodline,” sets the tone for the whole album with its aggressive sound. And if you’re looking for some standout tracks, “Ride Pon It,” “Deep Dark Desires,” and “Even Thursday” are definitely worth a listen.

Lexxicon’s got some serious talent, and he’s only getting better with each project. He’s excited to keep growing as an artist and expressing himself through his music. Don’t miss out on Drill Sergeant – go check it out now!