Levon – “therapy session”

Southern California is ablaze with the magnetic energy of Levon, a rising artist making waves with his latest project, “therapy session,” and the standout single, “Temptation.” Levon’s fusion of upbeat, high-energy music and heartfelt lyrics has captured the attention of audiences all over his city. “Temptation,” a fan favorite resonates with listeners far and wide. Its infectious beats and catchy melodies, coupled with thought-provoking lyrics provides a relatable and introspective journey for listeners. Levon authenticity and vulnerability shine through in every verse, fostering a profound connection with his audience. Grateful for the overwhelming response, Levon expresses humility, saying, “It’s truly humbling to see how my music has resonated with so many people. I am excited to continue sharing my journey through music.”

“Temptation” is now available on all streaming platforms.