Letter to Takeoff – [Gucci Mane]

No matter where you’re from, how you were raised, or what your background looks like, music goes so much deeper than the surface, but that’s something that can often be forgotten in the fast-paced internet generation. As a fan, even if an artist’s messages aren’t the most introspective, their music just might transport you to another place to get away from your troubles or worries, so the sound doesn’t matter if it is able to do something for your soul. The Migos have made an undeniable impact on the hip-hop world, something that wouldn’t have been possible without each member of the trio, and after the devastating news of Takeoff’s passing was announced, I seriously felt a pit in my stomach that hasn’t gone away since hearing the news.

Not that it applies to the situation, but Takeoff was always my personal favorite of the three members because he just always found a way to masterfully demonstrate a new cadence, clever wordplay, and all-around entertaining elements from his lyrics to his ad-libs and everything else in between. He was one person that I never imagined would be taken from the world in his prime, so when I found out about the recent tragedy, I was broken in all honesty. While it’s almost impossible to find the right words to do his legacy justice, I think Gucci Mane, one of his mentors and friends, spoke so eloquently about the late, great spitter on his Zaytoven-produced homage entitled “Letter to Takeoff” as well as the Joe Yung Spike-directed music video.

While the beat is great, it seems to slow down the tempo a little so Gucci can get his thoughts off his chest and into the world as he pays tribute to some of the most promising icons in music like PnB Rock, XXXTentacion, Young Dolph, and of course Takeoff, amongst others. His flow is remarkable, but what I really enjoyed most of all is the fact that he is just so genuine with his words, something that can’t be easy as he copes with the loss of a multifaceted talent that he befriended over a decade ago.

Gucci runs through a variety of moments he shared with Takeoff throughout their friendship before finishing off the song by offering his condolences to the entire QC family as well as anyone associated with them in a spoken word-inspired message that is delivered with compassion, honesty, and heartache. I give Gucci props for sharing his feelings in such a courageous, artistic, and well-put-together message, and while it won’t bring back the dearly departed musician, unfortunately, “Letter to Takeoff” will certainly allow his legacy to carry on strong and proud no matter how much time passes.