Let’s Ride Our Heelies to the Cosmos – [Wesson]

Atlanta is home to an abundant supply of soon-to-be stars, and among the most talented, in my opinion, lies an artist by the name of Wesson. Leading his charge off of the strength of pure talent and dedication, this up-and-coming act has always been on my radar as an incredibly genuine artist, and today, he confirms this theory further with a solid new single entitled “Let’s Ride Our Heelies to the Cosmos”. In a refreshing kind of way, Wesson is always able to deliver lyrically dense offerings without compromising his relaxed, captivating personality. He mixes and matches emotion, clever bars, and vivid imagery in order to truly paint pictures with his music, and the result is a catalog filled with songs that refuse to be kept off of repeat, just as is the case with “Let’s Ride Our Heelies to the Cosmos”. That being said, this ATL native is ready to do big things, so get hip by clicking play below and let us know what you think in the comments!