Let’s Get Romantic – [Yinka]

One of the most exciting things that is happening in the r&b world at the moment is re-prioritizing artists that can actually sing. Gone should be the days of overproduced vocals, let’s bring it back to the  days where there was nothing more pure than intentional runs or a power note that leaves an audience with their jaws dropped. That’s what I’m here for and a big reason why I’m backing Nigerian genre-bending singer, Yinka, who just released her new project, “Let’s Get Romantic”, last month where she delivered a flawless vocal performance all the way through. A tasteful combination of r&b and pop, Yinka’s self-proclaimed “alternative lover girl pop style” blends a multitude of worlds that she encapsulates throughout “Let’s Get Romantic”, so I’m thrilled to be shining the Lyrical Lemonade spotlight on that today to give Yinka her long overdue Lyrical debut. 

Kicking it off with a dulcet intro, Yinka promptly cuts into the flesh of the project with quite possibly my favorite record off the body of work, “Two Weeks”, which discusses her quick feelings towards a partner whom she immediately feels an attachment to and chemistry with. Fast forward past her poetic interlude, Yinka takes on a much more serious tone with a dark r&b and pop vibe exemplified in “Die Loving You” and “Red Dress” which give “Two Weeks” a run for its money for the best record on the project (in my opinion). Putting the final touches on the EP, Yinka ended “Let’s Get Romantic” with “Flowers” – a more blissful and dreamy tune to the prior two records and the perfect way to close out Yinka’s first official body of work. With that said, if you haven’t already given “Let’s Get Romantic” the thorough listen that it deserves, I highly recommend you do that now because Yinka is an artist that you’ll want in your rotation ASAP.