Let’s Fly to New Zealand – [Anton Khabbaz]

It is truly amazing to hear and see artists’ first offering into the world be at such an impressive level. Many new artists, although still finding their way and learning, are releasing a debut single, a handful of singles or a short body of work that strikes a chord in you that immediately makes you think “wow.” This epiphany-like moment struck me when hearing Anton Khabbaz’s storied songwriting and angelic vocals. Shedding his former artist alias, “Dreamsuite,” Khabbaz looks to reintroduce himself to listeners through a comforting brand of Pop. His new single, “Let’s Fly to New Zealand,” is a prime example of blissful escapism that we can all identify with.

The storied new single is as much about the gentle and elegant production as it is about the seamless storytelling weaved into it. Vividly painting an evening out with someone special, Khabbaz captures the blissful, hopeful and ultimately light-hearted emotions and feelings that accompany the presence of someone you find dear. Naturally, the romantic sentiments in this record help translate the important conceptual and magical elements of the song’s dream destination and the feeling of getting away. Was fortunate enough to speak to Khabbaz about his latest release, where he said,

“Going in to write this song, I wanted it to feel like a daydream. The whole thing was writing about a fantasy of getting away with someone to a place that is so beautiful – forgetting about reality and being completely free to do whatever you want. I think everyone has their own ”New Zealand” to go to – the concept of that title was more or so a figure of speech and for me on the particular night I wrote this song, New Zealand was a place I fantasized of going with this special someone, and i guess it kind of always will be me my special place to daydream about.”

Listen to “Let’s Fly to New Zealand” by Anton Khabbaz below.