Let You Know – [Eem Triplin] ft. [$NOT]

Eem Triplin and $NOT have teamed up for a moody and atmospheric collaboration on “Let You Know,” a song that delves deep into the emotions of a toxic relationship. The track is accompanied by an awesome music video directed by Omar Jones which perfectly captures the brooding atmosphere of the song.

The song opens with a haunting instrumental that sets a moody and mischievous tone. As Eem’s vocals enter, they are delivered with a raw intensity that immediately draws the listener in. $NOT’s verse adds an extra layer of depth to the track, exploring the simple complexities of his deeper, more to-the-point delivery.

The chorus particularly stands out, with Eem’s voice soaring over the gliding over the unique instrumental, conveying the “I’m gonna do me, regardless of what you think” type of attitude that is a main reason why I was so fascinated by him in the first place. The lyrics are easygoing and relatable, exploring the depths of such a one-of-a-kind instrumental that only someone like Eem can truly destroy.

The music video is stunning, with the prominent imagery and largely scaled shots creating a sense of a different world throughout. “Let You Know” is a standout collab that showcases the talents of two incredible artists. With its addicting vocals, intricate yet lighthearted production, and digestible lyrics, it’s truly a can’t miss track. Fully equipped with an insanely clean Omar Jones-directed music video, the song is elevated to another level, creating a cinematic experience that perfectly captures the mood and emotions of the track.