Let Me – [hojean]

Upon hearing hojean’s new record, “Let Me,” I wasn’t exactly sold on the first listen. It was clear that there was some promise, but not until I went back to this track a few times did it really click for me. Odd as it may sound, knowing that I had to work to fully understand this one actually made me more excited about the song, as so few artists these days have the ability to attract repeat listeners. So often, thanks to the pace at which music moves, we find ourselves trying out a record once and then shelving it altogether, but with “Let Me,” I immediately had to keep coming back until I knew that I had fully grasped what was on the table.

With this, the very nature of “Let Me” is what allows for this phenomenon to happen, as the emotional complexity of the lyrics pair with the breezy instrumentation to create something that delves just below the surface in regards to artistry. Furthermore, hojean doesn’t lay out all of his cards in the first few seconds, instead choosing to build up the story as the song goes on. As a result, from a listener’s perspective, I’ve found that something new clicks for me each time I revisit this track, making it clear that hojean is ready to turn some heads not just for the moment, but for years to come as he continues to develop his sound.

Few artists in recent memory have made me really work to “understand” their music, and accordingly so, I’ve found that a majority of great art doesn’t click right off the bat. Rather, artists like hojean seem to be headed in the right direction in the age of immediacy, shooting for the long run with masterful offerings such as “Let Me” leading the charge.

Stream the new single below and let us know what you think in the comments!