Let Me Go – [Kevin Holliday]

Recently appearing on our pages with the lively “Hot And Fun,” Kevin Holliday has thoughtfully established himself as an artist far different from the norm. From smaller details such as the aesthetics behind his cover art all the way to the very sound of the music, the budding talent refuses to take any shortcuts, and as a result, he’s gained a loyal, ever-growing following of listeners even so early on his career. Today, solidifying this artistic integrity, Holliday is ready to wow listeners with his new single, “Let Me Go.”

Speaking to the point of not taking any shortcuts, “Let Me Go” finds its full range of motion in the use of live instrumentation. The guitar — colorful, sleek, and infused with energy — pushes right up against the kicking drums, and even Holliday’s intimate vocals leave listeners with a sense of care that few other songs are able to exude. Put simply, there aren’t any holes in the fabric of “Let Me Go,” as the song constructs a strong sense of emotional aesthetics around its love-torn lyrics.

With this, as a whole, there’s no denying that Holliday has hit the target once again, further building up his strong catalog of music thus far. Don’t just take my word for it, though — stream “Let Me Go” below!