Let Em Drip – [Hydraulix] x [DJ Afterthought] & [Wifisfuneral]

Although I’ve definitely been keeping a more open mind to EDM recently because it really can be extremely appealing, I’m still grossly uneducated about producers and musicians in this genre of music. That explains why I’ve never heard of the producers Hydraulix or DJ Afterthought, although I need to start tuning in more. They’re apparently no strangers to the world of Hip-Hop and have worked with and been surrounded by some of the biggest names in the genre, so they’re a perfect duo to come together and try to merge a couple of different types of music together. Wifisfuneral is an interesting artist to work with because although he does have moments where he loses control and goes off the rails on hard-hitting records, he’s also known to break songs down to the minimum and truly reveal some of his inner pain and struggles at times. This intrigued me when I noticed he hopped on an electronic track with these two producers, and I knew I had to check it out.

The name of this track is “Let Em Drip”, and this title describes exactly the kind of swag and confidence that all aspects of this song portray. Starting out slowly and building quickly as many EDM hits characteristically do, some crisp percussion, intergalactic synths, and other electronic-sounding noises begin to build. While this is happening, Wifi is amping himself up as well, uttering a few words here and there that build in enthusiasm and passion along with the beat. The production builds and peaks fairly quickly, to begin with as sharp, pungent drums come into the picture and leave some of the percussion behind. Although the buildup and drop of the instrumental are powerful, Wifi takes another path and remains calm with his delivery, adding a sort of peaceful yin to the wild yang of the beat.

He clearly has fun with the production as he manipulates certain flows and makes other cadences a bit more intricate at times. I’m sure it’s not easy to rap on such an uncharacteristic beat that a lot of Hip-Hop producers wouldn’t create but you don’t get that vibe from the Florida talent whatsoever. He knows exactly how to handle what is given to him and he truly elevates this song to new heights even more than the addictive instrumental already had. There’s obviously another couple of drops throughout where Wifi’s vocals cut out completely and heavy influences of EDM music shine. These parts are totally intriguing and I’m not going to complain about them in the slightest, but they’re definitely not sounds or sonic styles that you’d hear in a typical Rap track. As the hit progresses, Wifi’s vocals are edited and manipulated to get higher and lower-pitched in order to fit in with the production during certain moments. These portions aren’t my favorite but I understand it’s a part of the genre so I can’t complain too much. There really aren’t too many notable lyrics to this song considering it focuses heavily on the beat, but I do hear Wifi mention certain flexes like diamonds, cars, and beautiful women.

At the beginning of this track, I was enthralled in the wild world that was being created in my head. The interesting sounds that you would never really hear in a piece of Rap music today mixed with Wifi’s very calm, subdued delivery created a sort of opposing vibe that actually paired better than expected. I know these artists have worked with Riff Raff before and his wild and vibrant personality is what I typically expect on an EDM and Rap mash-up, but I’m pleased to see another side of this world and realize that you don’t need a completely lively disposition to make these genres work together. Either way, Wifisfuneral killed his parts and still brought interesting energy to the party, making this song even more of a banger than ever before. If you’re in the mood to turn up, “Let Em Drip” is sure to set your party off in the perfect way, so make sure to give it a spin next time you’re at a function and watch the crowd go nuts.