Lemonade – [Souf Souf] ft. [Lil O]

Souf Souf is a Seattle-based group that I’ve only recently come in contact with, but I was thoroughly impressed by their sound. While I haven’t listened to too much of their music, they seem to have this infectiously fun quality within both of their voices, and considering it’s a duo, both of the artists bring some greatly appreciated differentiation and originality to the table. Their sub-genre of music has been described in the past as Island trap, and although the combination might sound slightly obscure, it comes together in an impressive fashion and it’s definitely going to turn some heads moving forward.

Lemonade has been a hot topic as of recently, and obviously we’re always interested to see what the latest drink-related trend is here at LL, so when I found out that this dynamic duo dropped a song with “Lemonade” as the title, I had to see what kind of rendition they brought to life. Some lighthearted, bubbly synths combine with sharp percussion and overly bouncy drums in the perfect manner, creating a foundation that the two artists take and absolutely destroy. Shotta Pistol takes the hook where he uses this time to provide even more vitality to the instrumental as well as a bit of a Caribbean flair that might not be intentional, but it’s definitely welcome because it fits the vibe effortlessly.

G Baby comes in for the first verse where his higher-pitched vocals shine through as even additional ad-libs bring more life to the offering than ever before. The flow he opts for boasts individual lines that he usually allows time to breathe as he holds out certain notes, not trying to rush the tempo of the track. Although, right at the end of his verse, he heightens the tone of his voice incredibly and sings two final bars that truly shine through and bring us back to the hook perfectly. Lil O, a young artist I wasn’t previously familiar with, takes the second verse. I’m not sure how old he is but he has to be in his lower teens, and although his verse didn’t necessarily blow my mind, I think that there is definitely room for him to grow and perfect his craft over the next couple of years. Aside from this, I’ve heard incredibly worse verses from household names in the industry, so I don’t think you necessarily need to skip over his portion either. Lyrically, the group just shows admiration for some of the ladies in their life and although there aren’t too many significant bars that stick out, this is clearly a song that’s bound to get any party bumping.

As for the video, the group brings out a large portion of their neighborhood to take part in a front yard party of sorts, and they prove that they know how to have a good time. When the visual opens up, the duo is having a lemonade stand and people are lined up, waiting to get a taste. A couple begins to walk up as they talk about how thirsty they are, and they end up cutting the line and quenching their thirst despite the opposition of the rest of the patrons waiting for their turn. As the song begins to play, I guess everyone forgets about the scene that just took place because everyone seems to be in a great mood as they dance around with the rappers and party the day away. While this setting takes up the majority of the main shots seen throughout, other scenes show the artists in the middle of the street at night, inside as various neon lights illuminate the room, and behind the lemonade stand as well. Various effects are used throughout, and each one is pretty entertaining without a doubt. Certain shots transition with various drugs consuming the screen before dispersing and revealing another scene, others show animations that display something they’re talking about in their lyrics, and random slow motion or sped up clips all combine to make this video shine.

While this might not be the most lyrically insane song, it is basically the definition of a party anthem and there’s no way people would be able to contain themselves and stand still if you turn this on at any sort of function. Each artist in the song provides a different sound and although some portions are more impressive than others, I think that each rapper in this song played an important role in its success. The visual is interesting and I think they were able to incorporate certain elements that helped it stand out and not be grouped into a more generic category like other videos might be classified in. Souf Souf is gearing up to deliver their debut album next month, and although I’m not sure about much of it, I’m excited to see what they have in store. As for now, make sure you check out their latest single “Lemonade” below.