Legendary – [Anti Da Menace]

Versatility goes such a long way in my book when I first listen to an artist that I don’t know a ton about, and it is pretty clear after listening to just a handful of songs if someone is going to be worth listening to further or not. I’m not saying someone has to go from rap to jazz to country or even dabble with different genres, but complexity goes a long way with me. Whether that’s with beat selection, flows, personality, or simply a style that isn’t like everyone else, I like unique, and I feel like that’s something that most people prefer, especially with so many people fighting to make a name in music.

Atlanta is a place known for diversity, but that often comes from the overflow of artists from the iconic rap hub, not necessarily from most of the artists themselves. I say most because that’s not the case with everyone, and Anti Da Menace is certainly going to prove that to you whether you like it or not. Anti is a newer name in my world, but after hearing him featured on a song with fellow Georgia phenom Rot Ken just the other day, I was eager to see what he was made of on his brand-new mixtape “Legendary”.

This tape boasts a whopping 16 songs that run a few minutes past the 45-minute mark and contains 3 features in Wee2Hard, BiC Fizzle, and Lil Monte. These were also 3 names I hadn’t come across before, but they unquestionably contributed wonderful verses that fit right in with the overall aesthetic that Anti was bringing to life. As for the Atlanta up-and-comer himself, you notice his flexibility within the first few songs as the opener begins with a more poignant vibe prior to the second track going insanely hard on all fronts. The more emotive, tender songs are sprinkled in throughout the project, but it’s the more assertive records that grabbed my attention and held it the entire time.

The way Anti raps makes you feel like you’re in the heat of the moment right next to him during a confrontation or attack of some sort. It doesn’t matter who is on the other side, though, because the way he fires off his lyrics controls the situation and if anyone tried to oppose him, they’re in for the rudest awakening imaginable. Anti knows how to grab your attention, steal the show, and get your heart racing even if you have no experience with the details he shares throughout this mixtape. Due to this, it is certainly a different perspective from an artist who is clearly not only hungry for success, but someone who intends to take the spotlight by any means necessary from anyone who attempts to hog it, ultimately making this a project that you need in your life whether you know it or not.