Legend of Zelda! – [DC the Don]

2021 proved to be another consecutively tough year with the pandemic only seemingly getting more difficult to avoid on a personal level, but despite this fact and many other hardships that people have faced throughout the year, music was a beacon of hope thanks to all of the unbelievable projects, songs, and visuals that released. At the end of every year, I love looking back at some of my favorite moments, and these often come in the form of new artists I found out about.

If you’ve followed my writing, you already know that there are countless promising artists that I was put onto throughout 2021, and it always makes me sit back and realize just how lucky we are to live in this day and age of sonic creation. It’s definitely a super difficult thing for me to pick just one artist whom I found out about last year and admire more than the rest, but if I really think about it, DC the Don has got to be towards the top of this extensive list. His style is just so unique and refreshing, and the work he put in last year is nothing short of remarkable.

In order to finish the year off as strong as possible, DC teamed up with 713Bran once again to shoot a music video for his song “Legend of Zelda!”, and I couldn’t think of a better New Year’s gift. The song itself is produced by Trademark and Spaceman who incorporate easygoing, lighthearted synths together with tapping percussion and thumping 808s that combine for a very earthy yet angelic instrumental. This allows DC to get very versatile with his deliveries, sometimes quieting himself to be smoother while in other moments, he elevates his energy and belts out his lyrics, showing off his personality that is just too captivating to ignore.

In the music video, we’re shown a bunch of behind-the-scenes, homemade shots of the young artists just living his life like a rock star and having fun every step of the way, and that’s something I could never be mad at no matter what. I can’t wait to see DC the Don have an even bigger 2022, and “Legend of Zelda!” was the perfect culmination to last year, making it something you’re going to be bumping for quite some time moving forward.