Leave Me Alone – [Pouya]

For those of you who know Pouya, and I’m assuming that’s pretty much most of the people reading this right now, it’s no secret that he’s one of the most creative minds in music right now. His songs are always versatile and complex considering he fills them with a plethora of true stories and experiences, and his music videos never disappoint even slightly. His Rocci-produced song “Leave Me Alone” came out as a single a few months ago to get fans ready for his upcoming album, and when I saw that he dropped an awesome new music video directed by Giancarlo Loffredo for it, I couldn’t have been any more excited.

This visual takes place in a world where Pouya can’t seem to win even for a second and considering we’ve all had those days at one point or another, it’s obvious that this can pertain to most of us, even if it’s not as extreme in our everyday lives. As it begins, Pouya wakes up and struggles to get out of bed before watering his already dead flowers and getting up to have some breakfast, which he doesn’t even seem to enjoy after getting it ready. When he finally decides to get some fresh air, a flock of animated blackbirds comes crashing to the ground, splatting on the pavement much to Pouya’s dismay.

After this happens, a friendly biker waves which brings a smile to Pouya’s face, but this is short-lived as the biker gets hit by a car right before his very eyes. Heading to the park, Pouya looks on at a family barbeque where they’re enjoying their time, but this is only temporary as well because they eventually mysteriously begin to bleed and fall unconscious out of nowhere. As he walks past a game of squash that Lu Baby is participating in in the park, he realizes Pouya is coming and makes a run for it to avoid his unexplainable curse. Next up, the rapper makes it to a restaurant to have some food, but this doesn’t end well for anyone else surrounding him, including Fat Nick, who passes out on the couch not too far away from him.

Finally, Shakewell sits across from him to have something to eat as well, but he only gets so many bites in before he begins to shake uncontrollably, ultimately leading to his head exploding all over Pouya, prompting him to take off his hat and just give up on the day once and for all. This visual was so well shot and amazingly put together, making it one of my favorite videos in recent memory, so whenever you get a chance, you need to make sure you peep his brand-new music video for his song “Leave Me Alone” below.