Leave Me Alone – [Neeko Crowe]

With the release of his new, four-track project, Neeko Crow took to Instagram to provide some context for the aptly titled Four Now, saying, “I’ve put an emphasis on making music that embodies how I feel at the moment of creation.” The approach clearly worked, as evidenced by the project’s standout cut, “Leave Me Alone.”

Arguably the most powerful of the four cuts, “Leave Me Alone” comes from a dark place. Utilizing croaking vocals that stroll the line between singing and rapping, Crowe opens up about his demons with lines like “Trying to get away but out the depths, I couldn’t climb” and “See the glass half empty, my body emptier.” The subdued delivery contributes perfectly to this dark, haunting atmosphere, and production-wise, Neeko’s Houston roots are on display, with a hazy, syrupy beat that Chad Butler would surely bend a few corners to.

If you dig this cut, definitely check out Four Now, but be ready, because Neeko Crow has range and no two songs sound alike.