Leave Me Alone – [Kody Lavigne]

Not every single person in the music industry needs to be completely groundbreaking or have a brand-new sound that catches on like wildfire. Some emcees just need a natural skill, a knack for music, and an interesting personality in order to create a foundation and build up a loyal fanbase from there. In fact, I almost applaud these artists more because of the fact that they were able to do something amazing without needing to include all of the other frills that others seem to include, and they also don’t need to create a false persona just to grab attention.

Kody Lavigne is someone who entered the hyperpop scene a little while ago, and while there are definitely hyperpop musicians who lean on wild instruments and heavily altered vocals to make a name for themselves, Kody has done the same exact thing with a skillset full of naturally captivating aptitudes that I have become a massive fan of since I first tapped in with the young icon.

He seems to drop music periodically, sometimes more consistently than others, so when I see a track come out, I waste no time and head right to my phone to listen. “Leave Me Alone” is the title of his brand-new track that is produced by Noevdv, and with a beat full of effervescent sounds and some deep, thunderous 808s, there is no better starting point for Kody to show off why he is a force in this industry, even as an up-and-comer.

His vocals are just so raw and full of emotion no matter what he is singing about, and while he does seem to dive into narratives that are a bit more stressful or traumatic from his point of view, he doesn’t overuse these qualities because it seems like that would be overkill. He just knows the exact right amount of sentiment to include in these records to make them catchy and lively without taking them too over the top, and I think that this is a recipe that is going to take him extremely far as his career continues to grow.