Leave Here – [Matt Muse] x [Boathouse]

Matt Muse is someone whose career I have been closely following for some years now, and I must say, 2022 was a pretty quiet year for him. If I am not mistaken, he didn’t release hardly any new music last year, but all of that comes to stop now, as he started 2023 with a brand new offering titled “Leave Here” featuring Boathouse. Matt is a true lyricist at his core, his pen is powerful and that’s well-known at this point, but I have appreciated watching him experiment with different styles and flows. Matt was at the LL headquarters yesterday and he showed me a few of his unreleased records, and it’s definitely trending in a direction that his fans may not expect, but trust me, it’s good.¬†Take a few minutes out of your Tuesday to stream this brand-new record below!