Leave – [1nonly]

It feels like with social media and technology just an arm’s reach away for most artists, fans might think that expensive equipment, mind-blowing budgets, and countless connections are essential to becoming a star. While I do agree that being tapped in and networking is a fantastic tool to keep in mind, I think that there are so many fantastic examples of people who make the most of what they have, and they don’t require all of these costly supplies to make something out of themselves.

One of the first people who comes to mind is 1nonly, a Las Vegas talent who has been buzzing in the underground since he first got his start back in 2019, and while his solidified spot in the business might feel like it required so many tools to assist in his rise to fame, it always appears to me as if he just relies on his creative mindset to drive his creative process, and I’m psyched to have known about him so early on in his career.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a song that didn’t contain an out-of-the-box sample or an innovative new flow, and this streak continues with his latest video single entitled “Leave”, directed by Lil God Dan. In the accompanying press release, I read that this was the first record that 1nonly put out that he also produced, so it is cool to see him continuously progress as he pushes his creativity as far as he can. Not only that, but the production is infectious, fitting perfectly with his dark, ominous vocals that always come off as smooth and effortless as possible.

Well, it actually feels like the lighthearted, almost video game-inspired beat actually juxtaposes his delivery, something that might contradict my previous statement but the way these opposites attract is nothing short of impressive, to say the least. “Leave” is actually released as a single off of his upcoming debut EP Homesick which can be expected on November 11th, so while I am confident that 1nonly will only continue to blow up as he releases more music, I am just happy to enjoy the ride as an outsider looking in at the bright future that’s in store for 1nonly!