learn 2 swim – [redveil]

The day has come. learn 2 swim, the newest release from Maryland mastermind redveil has finally been released. Twelve tracks long, 35 minutes in runtime, and fans are curious: has he done it again? Does learn 2 swim, once again self-produced and self-released, fulfill the hype and expectations set by 2020’s Niagara? The answer is clear immediately upon listening – yes, 1000 times yes.

Unlike its predecessor, learn 2 swim trades Niagara‘s explosive energy for a dreamy and hypnotic tapestry made of poetic musings and bittersweet glimpses into newfound maturity. From the muted keys and steady basslines of “shoulder” with Mekdelawit and Renaissance Mic to album closer “working on it”‘s impassioned cries “I don’t wanna run no more”, learn 2 swim feels like natural progression – a record seeing redveil at his most concentrated since his first waves years ago. Every risk pays off, and like Kendrick Lamar’s trajectory from good kid, m.A.A.d city to To Pimp a Butterfly, learn 2 swim is the braver older sibling that perhaps the culture needed. Featuring guest appearances from Sam Truth, Fly Anakin, and Ovrkast., redveil’s latest release is a love letter to the past two years informed by success and tragedy, beauty and pain, wisdom at the expense of ignorance from a past self.

Since Niagara‘s release, redveil’s done tours with Freddie Gibbs and Denzel Curry, he’s amassed a fanbase in the millions, and he’s earned praise from artists from Noname to Jonah Hill. While many of his modern peers are plagued with early peaks and unsustainable hype, redveil seems content making his own wave – and it seems like he’s only getting started. learn 2 swim takes a dramatic left turn away from the aural register that broke his sound years ago, but today fans are listening to a much more seasoned and profound artist. Though I’m crossing my fingers this isn’t the last offering redveil delivers fans this year, our young king more than likely has some visual coming down the pipeline for the remainder of 2022. Whether you’re a longtime listener or this is your first time being put onto redveil, there’s never been a better time to be a fan.