Lead Never Follow – [Uknoxoxo]

The act of creating a purely entertaining setting with one’s music is certainly not lost amongst the modern online music scene. In fact, this is an era that is essentially serving as our most creatively bursting and definitively entertaining period in the history of music as a whole, mostly due to the limitless free-range that contemporary acts have been gifted via the power of streaming platforms and social media alike.

This type of approach has made for some of the most captivating, gripping, and purely entrancing acts to arise out of this era in years past. Canada’s Uknoxoxo is just one artist out of a seemingly endless cast of talents that embody this notion, but there are seldom acts who can truly match their enticing presence on the mic.

Their latest track “Lead Never Follow” is an ideal example of what makes someone like them as of-their-own as they are. Spanning just under 2 minutes in length, this track is filled to the brim with some of the most charming and compelling passages to fill up such a short amount of time, in the end making for an all-around outstanding listen in full.

Though frequent collaborator Sg Lily’s glistening and pounding production is certainly a key role in the eventual succeeding product that this track is, the song shines brightest when examining Uknoxoxo’s unbelievably captivating performance from a vocal perspective. Not only is their unorthodox delivery at its best here, but so too is their untapped wordplay in full. Some of the most engaging and memorable lines of last year were provided on this track, one after another in relentless fashion.

What Uknoxoxo did best on this track was prove that pure and utter creativity can only shine brightest when doing what a particular artist does best. In their case, that would be simply making a track that does so much with so little in the most finely-detailed manner possible, and in the process making for one of the most enduring singles to arrive at the tail end of 2020.