LB199X drops iconic video in “Leaders.”

LB199X isn’t waiting until February to highlight the black leaders that helped shape the man he is today, as he highlights iconic figures with his new release titled “Leaders.” Huey P. Newton, Marcus Garvey,  and Martin Luther King Jr. are just a few of the people the DC-born rapper highlights in this insightful and creative video that dropped just last night.

LB199X is operating on a higher level. The feelings and frustration in his lyrics are palpable as he, along with so many others, is fed up with seeing black-on-black crime and systematic oppression affecting neighborhoods and people just as it’s done in his life.

A representative of Guin Records, the MC is known for being bold, and after the passing of his parents, he knew it was necessary to stand tall and find a method to shine a light on something bigger than music.

“Leaders is a song about Black leaders who died by the hands of their own people. I wanted to show truth in the matter, we are better together rather than separated. . I spoke on Kings because, as black men, we are kings and we need to express the power of Community and Pushing our message forward with the ones who are brave enough to stand up for a purpose”

The video (directed by Hatch) is full of iconic imagery and stoic demeanor, fitting for a track this intricate. Creative effects and staging add a cinematic effect that perfectly complement the messages without taking away from the theme.

LB199X is making waves in the DMV, as he recently headlined a show at Union Stage in D.C. which only boosted his name in the region. “Leaders” is his 2023 debut single, but be on the lookout for new music soon.

Check out “Leaders” on YouTube below!