Lay Bankz Unleashes Magic with Debut EP “Now You See Me”

A triple-threat powerhouse, Lay Bankz weaves spellbinding melodies as a singer, rapper, and dancer, captivating audiences with her dynamic artistry. With the release of her EP, she doesn’t need magic tricks – her talent is the real deal.

“Now You See Me” redefines club rap with Lay’s crystal-clear songwriting and seductive R&B vocals. Produced by her creative partner JUMBO, this 7-track gem packs a punch. Lay ignites the dancefloor with anthems like “Ick” and the previously teased “Throw Dat,” effortlessly gliding over infectious beats. She deftly switches gears to showcase her vocal prowess on tracks like “IDFWY” and the heartfelt closing ballad “Flowers,” a poignant plea for recognition and support in the present moment.

The EP’s shimmering crown jewel is “Na Na Na,” a pop-infused banger that has set TikTok ablaze. With a colossal 15.7M+ global streams and 182K+ TikTok creations, this high-energy anthem is hailed as a potential Song of the Summer 2023 contender by The FADER. “Na Na Na” boasts prime placement on playlists such as Spotify’s Most Necessary, Feelin’ Myself, and Internet People, and graces the cover of Jersey Club Heat.

Lay Bankz isn’t just an artist; she’s a representation of Philly’s raw talent and relentless determination. With her magnetic charisma, she’s taking the city by storm, proving that her star power knows no bounds.

Discover the mystical artistry of Lay Bankz’s EP “Now You See Me,” available now on all streaming platforms.