Law N Order – [Veeze]

The more I keep my eyes on the blossoming Rap scene in Detroit, the more I find myself discovering additional incredible artists taking the city by storm. Usually, I’m put on to artists through features on songs with rappers like Sada Baby, Baby Smoove, Teejayx6, and more, but I’ve been trying my best to pay attention to other artists using other platforms. Recently, I saw a clip from a rapper who goes by the name of Veeze, and he’s definitely not a newcomer if you’ve paid attention to the booming music city, but he’s a new name to me, and going through his abundant archives of music over the long weekend gave me no choice but to talk about his most recent release.

This song, called “Law N Order’, is a banger in every sense of the word, although it’s uncharacteristic and out of the box nature might confuse listeners as to why after just one listen. Somehow, it lingers in the back of your mind for hours and hours, basically forcing you to revisit it and dissect through all of the incredible wordplays and lyricism. The beat quite literally samples the theme song from the popular series Law and Order, and although it’s sped up, the main characteristics of the jingle shine through impeccably.

This loop combined with some rapid, tapping percussion and almost no drums whatsoever give Veeze a wonderful foundation to put his subdued disposition on full display. His demeanor is as laid back as can be as he begins to spit, and although some lines might attack the instrumental slightly offbeat, Veeze finds the rhythm right when you think it’s out of his grasp and kills it with another entertaining bar. His ad-libs are unique considering half the time they’re just effortlessly mumbled onomatopoeias, but they contribute even more elements that show off his passive persona even more than his initial delivery already does.

He spits his bars one line at a time and they’re filled with pop culture references to things like The Simpsons, Dave Chappelle, and Kenan and Kel, topics he uses to form similes to other real-life moments that he doesn’t quite brag about, but rather uses as comparisons to situations he notices throughout his life. Once again, although this might be one of the calmest songs you can think of, it gives you no choice but to bob your head and pay attention to the incredibly creative and fun lyrics that seem to just come naturally to him.

For the visual that comes along with this hit, Veeze brings some of his Detroit friends to certain settings to vibe out with him as he spits his bars. One setting takes place in a hallway with walls that are riddled with gold and platinum plaques which just might continue to help drive his hard work so he can find himself on the wall sometime soon. Another scene shows his crew in a large garage that is filled with a variety of vehicles. As these cars decorate his rearview, random piles of cash are strewn about all over the ground while other members of his group fan out even more money or count the amount of cash in the already existing piles.

One final scene shows them inside of an elevator, and although it’s slightly comical considering there is a lot less room in this shot for his crew to back him up, they still flex their money, drugs, and designer goods without even blinking an eye. Veeze never changes the expression on his face once, looking dead serious the entire time which truly makes some of the more violent lines stand out and pierce through to your core more than ever before. Aside from this, there are a few animations that highlight the outside of their stacks of money, chains, and other garments and in the scene in the garage, animated money rises up from the ground, but the rest of the visual is kept quite clean and simple, just like the record.

Although there are so many different sounds and styles coming out of Detroit, this nonchalant, carefree delivery is something I’m noticing more and more as I get deeper into the motor city music scene. I just enjoy it so much because the effort that goes into creating some of the most entertaining lyricism is more evident than ever and they don’t quite mash their words together nearly as much as artists in other regions do so you can truly understand and dissect each and every line, truly appreciating the time and effort that must go into bringing these topics to life. The sample is what drew me in initially, but Veeze kept my enthralled for every second from the moment he began to spit, so I know he’s going to do big things moving forward. I can’t wait to continue listening to all of his previous offerings while I wait to see what’s next up his sleeve, but he has already given us an insane amount of music, so that’ll keep me busy for the foreseeable future. Veeze is going to do big things in the music industry and he’s definitely an artist you should have no choice but to keep an eye on, so get in tune with him on his latest single “Law N Order” as soon as possible.