LAVA FLOW – [Kickkone] & [YCN Sauce]

Coming from Chicago, I know what it’s like to have an absolutely booming music scene fly way too far under the radar because I feel like with the diverse sounds that are oozing out of the cracks throughout this city, it’s insane that it’s not a topic of conversation more often like New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, or any of the other music hubs around the country. I feel like Florida is in a very similar place as Chicago because although there are some massive names that are widely recognized around the world, there are thousands of other artists that deserve so much more respect, and I always try my best to bring some light to them whenever I can.

A few months back, a friend put me onto Kickkone, a Florida talent who has been making a name for himself in the local scene, but he has a sound and a style that needs to be appreciated on a wider scale. This is abundantly obvious in his latest song “LAVA FLOW” where he is joined by YCN Sauce, another new talent that was put on my radar thanks to this track and I can’t wait to hear even more from him as well.

Produced by Jsupreme, the production on this record features some eardrum tickling, mysterious instruments that combine with rattling percussion and succinct drums, coming together for an intriguing yet somewhat simplistic foundation for these two artists to destroy. The first thing I noticed when Kickk went in to spit was his attention-grabbing personality, because as he rotates through his dexterous bars, his energy is always at an all-time high and this never decreases for even a second throughout the record.

As he switches off verses with Sauce, his counterpart shows off a much more collected and composed style, rattling off some smooth bars that might be calmer than Kickk, but they’re just as catchy and well-thought-out. Florida has a music scene that demands so much more respect, and Kickkone and YCN Sauce are two individuals who prove this fact every time they drop something new, making “LAVA FLOW” as well as its Bomb Visuals-directed music video something you need to peep as soon as you possibly can.