Late to Da Party – [Lil Nas X] & [NBA YoungBoy]

Look, if I am being completely honest, as I normally am, I hate diss songs and disrespectful records. I understand that they have a place in the music world and have existed pretty much ever since the first hip-hop song was created, but I just feel like music tends to be so much better when you’re making it from the heart and not just rushing to put something out in an attempt to piss someone else off. Even the legendary rap beefs that have ensued over the years haven’t been my favorite, but I get that they’re never going to go away, so I just need to get used to them.

I try to never show these songs any attention because that’s just not what we do here at Lyrical, but when I heard Lil Nas X and NBA YoungBoy were getting together on their Take A Daytrip and Cheese-produced track “Late to Da Party”, I knew that this was one I couldn’t miss out on. I mean, it’s not a diss track to another artist, it’s a diss to BET after some questionably homophobic moves were made, and considering this wasn’t a duo that I ever expected to team up, I simply couldn’t resist.

Directed by Gibson Hazard, the accompanying visual is unlike anything I have ever experienced which made it that much better, but the duo basically sits in front of screens and lets the computerized worlds take over. Lil Nas is working on a photoshop project, ultimately implanting himself in the different edits that he is creating such as moments where he ends up hopping in expensive cars, enjoying various sceneries, and making his life look however he pleases, all on pictures with the Getty Images watermark.

For YoungBoy’s portions, a delivery shows up at Nas’s door which he quickly plugs into his computer to include his counterpart in the video alongside him. To be honest, this is a difficult video to explain because it is just so unique, but it is certainly a visual that I was blown away by, and I am thrilled about the out-of-the-box direction that this one featured.