Late 20s – [Koran Streets]

When I think of the name Koran Streets, my mind races to the Berkeley talent’s 2017 album, You.Know.I.Got.It. The dense lyricism and true-to-self storytelling on the project remains unmatched, and quite frankly, I’ve noticed that few artists match the way that Streets is able to morph reality into music without losing any sense of honesty in translation. He truly is one of the premiere storytellers in rap right now, and furthering this point arrives his brand new album Late 20s. As seen in the cover art, this album is all about the growth that the CA native has seen in his life. Even through the hardest of times, Koran Streets has never been one to back down, and amidst the galvanizing, West Coast sounds featured on the project, he offers up his clearest sense of self to date. This acts as an undiluted testament to the refined artistry that Streets has developed through the years, only to be clearly showcased on each and every song in the 15 track album. That being said, the music speaks for itself in this case, so get tuned into the world of Koran Streets and stream Late 20s at the link provided below.