last summer is no more – [Jazz Ingram]

The acceptance of imperfection is one of my favorite aspects of music. Whether this sentiment takes form in overlapping, off-kilter melodies or dragged-on flows and unruly deliveries, there’s something inherently beautiful in imperfection, and few artists have been able to channel this concept better than Jazz Ingram.

Today, the Lyrical Lemonade frequent flyer is here with one of my favorite works of his to date, last summer is no more. Created last summer in collaboration with none other than Your Friend, Kami, this stellar, out-there piece of work is being released as a method freeing the old to make room for the new. Naturally so, it’s comprised only of demos and random songs left in the vault, but nevertheless, the sheer eccentricity and range of the ideas here make for an intriguing listen from front to back.

Whenever Jazz Ingram and Your Friend, Kami work together, something special will occur, and this 6-song offering is a brief reminder.

Stream last summer is no more below and be on the lookout for more coming from Ingram and Kami hopefully in the near future!

Produced by Your Friend, Kami