Las Guapo – “Flames 2 Throw (F**k Entertainment)”

Over the last year, Florida has become a hub for emerging artists. Real Boston Richey, Luhh Tyler, Loe Shimmy, and Goldenboy Countup are just a few artists bringing buzz to their city. I stumbled across another rising artist from Florida named Las Guapo, who recently released his latest single “Flames 2 Throw (F**k Entertainment).” This is the first visual and single from his upcoming project Born 2 Die. The song features a hard-hitting beat that complements Las Guapo’s energetic and aggressive flow. He doesn’t waste any time letting his competition know that he’s not playing games, as he spits lines like “I’m the one they wanna beat, I’m the one they wanna see fall” and “I’m the one that they fear, I’m the one that they hate on.”

This song is not just about dissing his competition, but it’s also about Guapo motivating himself to succeed. The release of “Flames 2 Throw (F**k Entertainment)” comes at a pivotal moment in Guapo’s career as he has gained recognition from Los Angeles legend The Game and Florida rapper Kodak Black. While this is just the beginning of Las Guapo’s journey to the top, his confidence, passion, and hard work are sure to make him a force to be reckoned with in the Florida rap scene and beyond.