Lane Switching – [Ramirez]

There is no denying the all-around influence and dominance that Grey 59 has had on the underground music scene over the last half-decade or so. While $uicideboy$ have been pretty much the face of the collective ever since they took off, I feel like one person who has paved the way for many others is Ramirez. He just brings such a different style and energy to the party, mixing in a variety of ruthless, hard-nosed songs alongside more airy, soulful tracks that seem to both exploit his various strengths just as well.

Back in 2020, he released his album The Playa$ Manual, a 15-song effort that had features from friends and frequent collaborators like Shakewell, Pouya, Rocci, and Night Lovell. Since this project came out at the height of the pandemic, it made things a lot more difficult to execute, so while I was hoping to receive some more content in support of it, we had to wait until just a few days ago to get a music video for the album’s cut “Lane Switching”, but believe me when I say it was more than worth the wait!

This one is absolutely perfect for this easygoing song that totally rides out, as it showcases Ramirez in a plethora of neighborhood staples like the autobody shop surrounded by hotrods, kickbacks with the homies who are having a couple of drinks, and a few other places that seem to showcase Ramirez in his element. I feel like with a song that’s this smooth and laidback, you can’t have a visual that is way too eventful, so this one was executed unbelievably well, making it a great reason to revisit the 2020 album and show it even more appreciation a couple of years later.