Lancey or Lancey – [Lancey Foux]

European music is somewhat of an anomaly because it sometimes feels like the style is so different, that’s why it appeals to an audience here in the United States. This is how certain regions of this country are because a ton of artists start gaining traction with an exciting new sound, but this only lasts for a couple of years before everyone starts to sound the same and the numbers start declining. There’s something different about the overseas scenes that have traveled this way because even if they’re not the most widely recognized styles, cult followings from all over seem to grow stronger and more loyal, and these genres aren’t going anywhere.

Grime is a genre that has been growing in popularity for years, and while these emcees are truly one-of-a-kind, they have begun to diversify even more. I don’t think it’s a wild statement to say that Lancey Foux is one of the leading trendsetters in the UK, and while he is certainly a creative through and through, I think that he is breathing new life into the music scene in England with his unique sound that fans in the States just can’t get enough of.

While teasing his long-awaited album LIFE IN HELL for over a year, he has dropped off a myriad of bangers that show off his individuality, and his most recent single “Lancey or Lancey” is the latest addition to this collection of hits. Kameron Hessing produced the track, utilizing some adrenaline-filled instruments that bring out Lancey’s high-octane energy perfectly. From here, he goes off unlike I have ever witnessed before, showcasing a consistently brilliant cadence full of personality, attitude, enthusiasm, and appeal.

The NO CRDNTLS-directed video is the perfect visual accompaniment to the record as well, because even though the scenes are kept simple, they’re dark, ominous, and clean, leveling up this track in an undeniably impeccable fashion. Lancey Foux has seen so much success and received numerous cosigns at this point in his career, but it feels like he still has that irrefutable drive within himself to be the best to ever come out of the UK, and if he keeps up this momentum, I think that’s a title he’ll be able to claim before he knows it.