Ladders (Demo) – [raynadayz]

Scrolling through the endless pages of SoundCloud a few months back, I stumbled upon a bright young talent by the name of raynadayz. Ever since, I haven’t been able to get over the refreshing burst of flavor that the young artist brings to the table, and today, I’m more than excited to share this enthusiasm with our readers in the form of raynadayz’ newest offering, “Ladders (Demo)”. Based around a profound sense of comfortability, this demo works to push against the temptation of ladders. As noted in the lyrics, the budding star “doesn’t cry tears no more”, and for that reason, the sense of stability that she feels in the current moment is where she chooses to reside. The bright production reflects this, and with a simple guitar riff and some knocking drums, “Ladders” takes listeners on an emotional journey that results in the discovery of what our own “sunny days” might look like. Raynadayz is a masterful up-and-comer, so be sure to check out the new demo below and let us know what you think in the comments!