LA – [midwxst] ft. [KA$HDAMI]

I used to always write about the hyperpop scene as if it was a small, lesser-known subgenre that only draws select audiences and has a long way to go before it gets to the masses. However, so much has changed in the last year or so, and hyperpop has been taking the world by storm, so I seriously couldn’t be more excited. Along with this, I have a few artists that are my go-to favorites, and midwxst is definitely a talent who I find myself constantly listening to even if I don’t intentionally turn on his music.

I couldn’t be more excited now that his latest project Back In Action is in our hands, and after listening through it, it’s even better than I could have expected. While there are a few big features throughout this 8 song, 20-minute long project including BabySantana, Slump6s, and ericdoa who all bring various energies and sounds that elevate this project, midwxst proves that he can carry the brunt of any tape on his own shoulders, even though I never doubted this for a second.

Even with these guest spots, one of my favorite features was KA$HDAMI on their song “LA”, so you can only imagine how pumped I was when I found out that they teamed up once again for a music video that’s the perfect addition to this record. If you’re familiar with hip-hop videographers, you know that it’s no small feat getting a video with LONEWOLF, and since he directed this visual, it only further solidifies my opinion that midwxst is going to be a star.

While this visual might’ve been pretty normal and basic, LONEWOLF adds his very intricate, unique spin on things through his almost paper mache-looking effects and animations, making it a music video that is a must-watch for any fan of midwxst of KA$HDAMI. I can’t wait to continue listening to BIA, and I’m sure you can’t either, but make sure to take some time to tune into the brand-new music video for midwxst and KA$HDAMI’s song “LA” below.