LA Life – [1TakeOcho] ft. [1TakeJay]

I’ve been a huge fan of 1TakeJay ever since I was put onto his music through various collaborations with fellow California Rap supergroup Shoreline Mafia. His energy is infectious, his personality is vivacious, and his lyrics, although sometimes overly inappropriate, can be comical or attention-grabbing, so I’ve always tried my best to tune into his releases whenever I come across them. Most recently, I saw a song he was featured in that was created by an artist who goes by the name 1TakeOcho. Now, I wasn’t aware of any 1Take groups and I’m still not sure if this is a group or if it’s just a coincidence, but either way, this song is absolutely incredible, in my opinion.

The name of the song is “LA Life” and it proclaims all of the advantages and fun that is had when you live in Los Angeles, at least from the perspective of these two LA natives. The instrumental is created through fairly regular yet feel-good piano chords alongside chattering hats and claps paired with booming drums that add a much-needed bounce to any and all West Coast tracks. Jay comes in for his verse right off the bat, and although his enthusiasm might seem to be kept at bay for the majority of his verse, his confidence and swagger are still on full display as he makes his way throughout his portion spitting braggadocios and unapologetic bars. I love hearing him spit verses just because he has this way of almost over annunciating words, so you hear each and every line loud and clear, but somehow, he’s able to flow them so well without sounding robotic or unemotional like other artists who do this sometimes sound.

As I was anticipating Ocho’s entrance, I had absolutely no idea what to expect due to the fact that I legitimately have never heard a single song by him. To my pleasant surprise, he comes in singing in such an angelic way that is sure to get everyone up, dancing around, and eventually even singing along once they’ve heard the song enough to memorize the lyrics. His voice is so uncontaminated and spotless, and although there are some vocal effects that can be heard, I’m sure his voice would sound just as pure even without these effects. His cadence switches from full-on singing to him speeding up his delivery before stretching out the last word of certain lines as he elevates the pitch of his voice.

Ocho even provides some off-kilter flows by pausing and continuing on at times, providing us with a plethora of different rhythms and flows that are eye-popping and enthralling. His voice just seems to complement the higher-pitched elements within the instrumental seamlessly and the way he plays with the tempo of the beat would make you think that he’s a veteran, which could honestly be the case and I’ve just been left in the dark up until this point. Regardless, this song is just all about the fun, carefree life that these two hitmakers are living out in Los Angeles, and it is sure to make anyone who isn’t able to enjoy these perks undoubtedly envious.

There is a music video for this song, but I don’t necessarily think it’s completely worth going into detail about, to be honest. The two artists and their small posse of friends just hang out at night around a table smoking hookah, drinking liquor, dancing around, and simply enjoying another wonderful night in LA. That’s pretty much the entire premise and although it is a fun video to tune into, that’s about as extensive as it gets so I didn’t feel the need to get too in-depth about it. Furthermore, I can’t believe 1TakeOcho has managed to fly under my radar for this long. His voice is so intriguing, and it fits perfectly over a relaxing West Coast beat like the one used in this song, so he’s definitely going to be an artist I start paying so much more attention to moving forward. Jay did his thing per usual, so I’m not surprised, and hearing his energetic verse next to Ocho’s more melodic additions definitely elevated this offering to new heights. “LA Life” is a brand-new offering from 1TakeOcho and 1TakeJay, so make sure you carve out some time in your busy schedule and tune into it as soon as possible.