La La Lost You – [NIKI]

NIKI may not have released a full album this year, but with the breadth of the Indonesian songwriter’s output this year it definitely seems like she did. Her moody ‘Wanna Take This Downtown’ EP combined with the range of poppy perfection she contributed on 88Rising’s ‘Head In The Clouds II’ project have culminated in no shortage of high points from the promising young artist this year. Now, she’s capping the year off and ringing in the holidays with a music video for her song “La La Lost You”.

One of her standout solo songs off 88Rising’s compilation album, “La La Lost You” showcases NIKI’s craftiness with the pen as she slickly sings about a relationship torn apart by distance both physical and emotional. There’s no shortage of inspiration on this track for a thematic, conceptual video, and director Frank Borin follows through with a well-executed visual treatment that captures the heartbroken sentiments of the record.

This video comes at the end of what seemed like a year of building momentum for NIKI, both musically and personally. As she alluded to in a letter to her fans via Instagram earlier this month, it seems she already has plans for what’s in store once the new decade kicks in. Until then, check out the video for “La La Lost You” below: