La Cobra – [ThatMexicanOT] x [Drodi]

This week I was lucky enough to randomly stumble onto Bay City, Texas rapper ThatMexicanOT who has me very excited and already has built an incredibly loyal and organic following despite never having made too big of a national splash, but one thing is for certain, he has Texas on lock. He has been dropping for a while now and puts up very impressive numbers on YouTube and its safe to say that many came for his rapping ability, but many fans have stayed also because of his infectious, devil-may-care personality. His latest visual that dropped just this week featuring a guest verse from Drodi titled “ESE TALK FREESTYLE” but my favorite release from him thus far came just over a month ago with his song and video for “Ghetto Gates” where he skated all over the instrumental that must have been titled “Splurge Type Beat” by the producer, but OT puts his own unique flavor on it. His delivery is unique because of how much he rolls his R’s as he spits his lines and its not just how he raps that makes him so intriguing but also his wicked sense of humor and nonchalantness that is obvious on every track he has been on. ThatMexicanOT is without question, in my opinion, one of the very most underrated artists out now and I hope that his wave spreads even more as his region begins to embrace him more and in terms of the Texas scene there are very few artists that are as intriguing as OT.