L.O.V.- [Shordie Shordie]

It’s not every day that you come across a West Coast rapper who was reincarnated as an artist who grew up on the exact opposite coast in Baltimore. This is the case for Shordie Shordie, and he’s been making some of the best music to just ride out to in the entire country. His voice is intriguing, somewhere between a whine, but in the very best way possible, and actually singing carefully articulated notes. He can sing quickly and effortlessly, but also stretch notes out and squeeze every last drop out of his vocal effects. Although he does use these effects to elevate his sound, I’m a firm believer that he doesn’t need them to still sound incredible, but rather enjoys the aesthetic and appeal that they bring to his style.

If you haven’t heard his latest project More Than Music by now, you’re behind the curve, but luckily you can get right back up to speed with his new music video for his track “L.O.V.” An endearing piano, cozy synths, and some rattling percussion create a blank slate for Shordie to paint a picture on with his words. This song is much more intimate than some of his other offerings that I’m more familiar with, but he does an impeccable job at allowing his emotions to shine through in his voice, further emphasizing the contemplative words he struggles to express to the girl he loves. He underemphasizes a good majority of his words while also using multiple vocal layers which adds some madness to the otherwise calm song, possibly recreating the insanity that is overtaking his mind when thinking about the situation he’s in. He details his struggles with his girl, admitting that he has messed up and wants to move on to the future, but she still wanted to get out of the relationship. As the song progresses, he goes in-depth about the overly abundant efforts he’s putting in to win her back, but it seems to be a lost cause.

The song opens up in a pitch-black room, only illuminated by a red light that plays up some of the anger and frustration that can be heard in Shordie’s verses. He has a companion throughout the duration of the visual, and the expressions on her face are all so telling of the struggles she’s having with the relationship. Sometimes she seems happy and excited, while other times she looks as if she’s feeling neglected and hopeless. The video really does a fantastic job of taking the viewer through a journey, as the enjoyable moments seem to be flashbacks while the tougher, trickier moments are currently happening within their relationship. The only confusing part of this entire visual is that it seemed as if the couple worked things out one way or another, while I got the impression from the song that things came to an end between Shordie and his girl. Other than that, the plot and overall setting that was created was pretty engaging, to say the least.

Considering Shordie can make absolute West Coast bops and bangers, as well as intimate, slow jams like this, really shows just how complex his artistry is and how deep his creative juices flow. There’s no secret that he is overflowing with talent and although he might still be somewhat on the come up after a few years in the industry, it’s a matter of time before he becomes a household name in music. I’m imagining him on a plethora of different songs with artists who make totally different styles of music, and I know that he will be able to adapt and fit in on any track regardless of the vibe. Don’t miss out on the latest music video from Shordie Shordie for his incredible song “L.O.V.”