KOTA – [Pouya] & [South Strip]

There are plenty of unforgettable moments throughout my time with Lyrical that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Some include my first time in the office, attending shows with some of my closest friends in the industry, and meeting some extraordinary characters, but I could write a book about how detailed some of those moments were, so I won’t get into too much detail. One of my favorite moments, though, occurred at this year’s Summer Smash when I got to meet Pouya and Fat Nick after watching their collaborative set on the side of the stage.

Considering I have been listening to them since probably at least 2015 if not earlier, when we finally got to link up, I found out that they both really are genuinely great people who put their all into music. When they showed me their appreciation for simply writing these articles on my laptop in my bedroom at home, the fact that they seemed sincerely thankful for my words meant way more to me than I could ever explain with words.

I had been writing about their releases every chance I could before this encounter, but now, I have a newfound desire to really tap in with anything they put out, so when I came across Pouya’s latest track with the South Florida collective South Strip entitled “KOTA”, I was not disappointed even slightly. South Strip is a group that I didn’t know much about prior, but man did they go insane with this one and each member brought a different yet equally raw, intoxicating skillset to the table that had me enthralled from start to finish.

Thanks to a booming South Strip, Constant, and Christian Vivo-produced instrumental, each artist really gave it their all, and when Pouya came in for the final verse, he acted as a sort of equalizer, softening his often-assertive delivery while spitting some nimbly intelligent bars that prove why he is an underground icon. “KOTA” is really a fantastic record for more reasons than I can count, so make sure you tap in with the song and the TGRIFFSHOOTS-directed visual ASAP!