Koruna & Lime – [Injury Reserve ]

It feels weird to call Injury Reserve’s forthcoming, self-titled album their “debut” because the trio has been releasing quality music since 2015. Maybe those weren’t technically albums, but with some awesome cuts, they sure felt like albums.

Either way, what’s important is that the Arizona trio has announced the release date of said album, (May 17th) and dropped off “Koruna & Lime” to kick off the festivities.

With Stepa and Ritchie spitting some in your face bars, unafraid to discuss their journey in the industry and an instrumental that incorporates scratches from A-Track, the track feels like a big step up in terms of direction, cohesion, and sharpness. However, they manage to keep that same unpolished, flippant energy that has made them so much fun to follow to this point.

For the visuals–handled by the trio’s producer, Parker Corey — it’s only right for a group that sounds so different to use a soundstage in a different way, too.  They strip down the set and create ceaseless, hall-of-mirrors-esque trip loaded with jump cuts and wild effects to ensure that you never feel at ease or comfortable; a fitting testament to the songs off-kilter and unapologetic nature.

Excited for this one? Head over to Injury Reserve’s website to lock down your pre-order!