Kool Aid – [Kirby]

I’ve always found the life of a songwriter to be an intriguing one. Even when you’ve worked on the biggest song in the world, 9 times out of 10, the songwriting credits don’t receive much publicity at all. As a result, the songwriter is left with an unbelievable bullet point on their resume, but none of the fame and publicity that the outward-facing artist receives. The ability to work toward crafting great music without ever taking the spotlight is a noble one, but even so, the sheer talent of great songwriters can’t be denied. Today, here to prove this as she transitions from a songwriter into a solo career of her own, an artist by the name of Kirby just released her brand new single, “Kool Aid.”

Funny enough, speaking to the points made in the previous paragraph, I had actually never heard of the name Kirby — that is, until I was informed that she wrote “FourFiveSeconds.” Needless to say, I’ve listened to Kirby’s work countless times, and just now am I finding out that she was the mastermind behind such a classic record. But back to the focus at hand here: “Kool Aid.”

Upon my first listen, the central elements that caught my attention on this one were the silky vocals and lively drums. Listening back, it’s fantastic to hear how the soft presence of the keys almost creeps up on these leading elements, creating a colorful aura around the song without ever demanding much attention. As a result, the undeniable personality in Kirby’s vocals is able to shine through, and furthermore, the decadent presence of “Kool Aid” finds its sonic sweet spot, right where Kirby proves to thrive.

That said, despite the fact that most of her career has been spent behind the scenes, Kirby is clearly more than ready for the spotlight in “Kool Aid.” At face value, the song is an infectious listen, but the more I run this one back, the more that the soul of it starts to kick in, creating an undeniable earworm of a track.

Don’t just take my word for it, though — show some love and check out Kirby’s new single below!